Creating Fraction & Decimal AHAs Book

Help students understand and enjoy learning about fractions & decimals.


Creating Fraction & Decimal AHAs

by Sandra L. Atkins

At a time when understanding for conceptual depth is the goal, Creating Fraction & Decimal AHAs gives teachers a systematic approach for helping their students understand and even enjoy learning about fractions and decimals. This book includes:

  • Detailed investigations that strengthen student understandings and require students to defend their thinking
  • Games & activities
  • Sample whole group interview assessments and directions for use
  • Instructional notes and math notes
  • Blackline masters
  • Research overview


“The hands-on concept-building activities changed the way we teach fractions. By implementing these strategies our students’ understandings grew, enabling them to make connections and solve complex problems.” –Dr. Dana McCauley, NAESP National Distinguished Principal, 2009, Crellin Elementary School, MD


“It is great to see sensible ideas used to teach complicated fraction concepts My students not only understand the processes to solve, they also understand the reasoning behind these processes.” –Dr. Amy Howell, Gifted Instructional Specialist, NBPT, Francis Howell School District, MO

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Publisher: Creating AHAs, LLC
Publish Date: 2015
Page Count: 196
Series: Creating AHAs