I’ll Help You Understand. Just Ask Me!

Enter a Pre-K class.

It’s the start of the school day.

Children are working (playing) throughout the room.

Two boys quickly greet me at the door and show me their “junk art” construction.

“Look! We made a submarine!”

I mistakenly think I see the submarine and say, “Oh, is that the periscope?” pointing to the toilet paper roll on top.

They give me the “Don’t be ridiculous” look and say,



“No. That’s how you steer.”

AHA 1: Too often I assume I know what a student means. When I ask, I learn that I’m mistaken. Remember the importance of asking.


AHA 2: Young children have wonderful imaginations.


AHA 3: Geometry came alive for these children through play.

The students had to make sure that they covered the hole in the bottom of the box so that water wouldn’t get in.

What amazing mathematics conversations do you have with 4 year olds?

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