Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

Helping schools and districts create AHAs

Wouldn’t it be easier if AHAs came to each of us in the same way based on the same triggers or experiences? We know that it is not so easy.

Each district has learners, adult and child, that have different backgrounds, different needs, and different learning styles. Creating AHAs works with you to design a professional learning package that meets the needs of your district.

This may include:

  • whole-day and multi-day sessions,
  • site-based support for administrators, instructional coaches, teachers, and students,
  • demonstration lessons,
  • formative assessments, and
  • coaching.

Our sessions and ongoing support plans are designed to meet your specific needs. The process begins with learning:

  • the current instructional approaches and resources used to teach mathematics,
  • the goals for the project,
  • the needs of the targeted group, and
  • the current climate.

Potential learning experiences are discussed and a plan is developed. Modifications are made as needed throughout the duration of the project to ensure that project goals are met. Contact Creating AHAs to discuss how we can support you.



Let Creating AHAs help you create those AHA moments.

Sandy Atkins, Ph.D.
Executive Director

Phone: 314 623-5369

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