Site-based Support

Site-based Support

Helping teachers and students have AHA moments

Working closely with administrators, teachers, and students is vital to creating AHAs.

Whole-day sessions and mini-courses are great for creating AHAs for students AND teachers, but the implementation of those AHAs are the key to helping students reach their highest potential. As part of its Customized Solutions offerings, Creating AHAs provides site-based support.


We work closely with district and school leaders to identify specific teacher and student needs. We then determine the support needed to make an AHA a reality. The site-based support package might include a combination of:


  • Demo lessons to give teachers an opportunity to observe important instructional practices or assess current student understandings.
  • Co-planning to design lessons or lesson sequences that develop conceptual depth, require higher level thinking, and build procedural fluency.
  • Co-teaching and Coaching to provide teachers support as they implement lessons that develop conceptual depth, require higher level thinking, and build procedural fluency.
  • Conduct whole group interviews that demonstrate Creating AHAs formative assessment process for inferring students’ current understandings. We then use this information to identify the needed instructional path.
  • Conduct, and Coach teachers as they conductindividual interviews to determine a student’s current understandings, misunderstandings, and next steps.
  • Facilitate grade level discussions to identify key conceptual understandings, important learning progressions, and expected procedural fluency outcomes.
  • Facilitate vertical team meetings to investigate the progressions of conceptual understandings across the grades. This is key for identifying and preventing mathematical misconceptions.

Let Creating AHAs help you create those AHA moments.

Sandy Atkins, Ph.D.
Executive Director

Phone: 314 623-5369

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