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“Dr. Atkins assisted us in improving our instruction through the use of effective questioning, teaching for conceptual understanding, and vertically aligning our instruction. With her guidance we are able to meet the needs of each student by analyzing what they know, and developing a program that builds upon that knowledge.”


Dana McCauley, EdD
National Distinguished Principal, 2009
Principal, Crellin Elementary, Garrett County, MD

“Dr. Atkins has changed the way I teach.  Her knowledge of questioning strategies, conceptual instruction, and prior mathematical experiences has allowed me to discover what my students know and how to take them to the next level.”


Amy Howell
National Board Professional Teacher
Francis Howell School District, St. Charles, MO

Conference & Whole-day Session Comments

” Loved every session I attended that she presented.”


” Great sense of humor. Wonderful examples of what we all can do for kids! ”


” Sandy is very knowledgeable about math and strategies for fluency. ”

” Wow—so much that is new and old at the same time. I’ve been struggling with geometry for a long time and it makes sense now. Thanks! ”


” Always clear, to the point, and thoughtful. Fun & engaging. Thought-provoking. Seeing a session with Sandy is a non-negotiable. ”



Let Creating AHAs help you create those AHA moments.

Sandy Atkins, Ph.D.
Executive Director

Phone: 314 623-5369
Email: info@creatingahas.com

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