Wisconsin’s 50th Annual Conference

Green Lake Conference Center, Green Lake, WI
Building conceptual depth and procedural fluency by developing pacing guides with a conceptual flow
Ever wonder why you teach fractions after time when fractions are needed to talk about half and quarter past? Why do we focus on the place value of decimal fractions before we’ve done units on common and decimal fractions? Join this interactive session as we examine pacing guides that have a conceptual flow. Specific examples will be shared.


The gift of time: The importance of productive struggle to building a productive disposition

Why do so many children feel that they are not good at mathematics? Why do they give up so easily or quit before trying? Supporting the development of a productive disposition through productive struggle calls us to engage in an instructional dance. A dance focused on students and creating a learning culture in which students become comfortable with being uncomfortable and not knowing. Join this interactive session as we examine specific strategies for giving elementary students the gift of time to see themselves as mathematicians.