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Welcome to Creating AHAs

An AHA can occur in an instant…a moment in which something finally clicks into place. It’s accompanied by a sudden smile, the words, “I get it!” or “Why didn’t anyone ever tell me that before?”. At Creating AHAs we help students, teachers, and administrators have those AHA moments.

Mathematics Education Professional Development Products & Materials

“The hands-on concept building activities changed the way we teach fractions. By implementing these strategies our students’ understandings grew enabling them to makes connections and solve complex problems.”

– Dr. Dana McCauley, NAESP National Distinguished Principal, 2009, Crellin Elementary school

Mathematics Education Professional Learning

Creating AHAs works with you to design a professional development package that will meet the needs of your district.We provide ongoing site-based support to teachers and students as well as whole-day and multi-day sessions.

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